5. Jan, 2022

Even COVID couldn't halt my book launch. For Better or Worse is out there NOW!!

I have to pay tribute to Jay Austin and her team at Extasy Books. They are most supportive, professional and encouraging bunch of people you could ever work with. This novel came out on schedule thanks to all the last minute efforts of Jay, Brigit Vries and cover artist, Martine Jardin, who all accomodated my requests down to the wire.

They met their deadlines, each and every one, with good grace. Bless them all. I'm afraid I'm the tardy one. I'm late sharing this news as I was stricken down by the dreaded COVID. The last ten days have been a challenge, but here I am, sharing my news and looking forward to your support and to reading your reviews.

For Better or Worse started life as a novel called Redemption. Jay accepted it and the editor, Catherine Chisnall, worked with me to ensure it emerges as a fast-paced, challenging read for the twenty first century.

Beth Anderson is the victim of an horrendous crime, but her recovery and not the sickening crime is the focus. She is helped from her self-imposed withdrawal from the world back to life by the never-wavering support of hospital chaplain, Matthew Thomas.

That journey tests them both, challenging his faith and her resolve never to forgive her attacker. With his life hanging by a thread, can they ever find the life together they have fought for?

This is a novel that defies catergorisation. There is romance, there is drama and there is suspense, but, most of all, it asks one ultimate question. Can true forgiveness ever be given.

I loved writing it and working on it with Jay's wonderful team. Thank you, Jay, for believing in this story.

I hope you will buy it, read it and enjoy it. It is available as an ebook, direct from Extasy, or as a paperback or on kindle from Amazon. You can buy it on Kobo, or purchase it from Barnes and Noble. Thank you.

Don't forget to me know what you think.

Happy New Year to you all. Stay safe.
Love Sandra x