7. Feb, 2022

Missing Links

January was pretty much a lost month for me. Covid wiped it out. I'm back doing what |I love best - writing!

I apologise if you are one of the disappointed readers who have not been able to find the Amazon link to the paperback version of My Father's House. I know the Kindle version is easy to find, but so many readers wanted paperback copies and couldn't find the link. Thank you for your support and thank you all for letting me know.

For all those who succeeded in tracking it down, thank you, especially to those of you who posted such lovely reviews. They mean a lot to me.

My fabulous publishers, Extasy Books, are on the case and have supplied the link for US readers. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1487433891

I hope these links solve your difficulties. Thank you for staying on board.

I'm busy working on For Richer or Poorer, the sequel to For Better or Worse. I'm now on its third edit. Poor Beth and Matthew thought they were heading for a quiet life but Janos Farkas, a small-time villain with big ideas, wreaks havoc in their lives. Janos is the nastiest character I've created and I can't wait for you to loathe him too.

It you've not caught up with For Better or Worse you can find it easily in
Kindle or paperback on Amazon, links below.

Sending love. Stay safe.


For Better or Worse links